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Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western specializes in the exploration, development and acquisition of domestic oil and gas reserves in the United States. Our strategy throughout our 49-year history has never wavered – to capitalize on our extensive industry network and strategic partnerships to secure opportunities in superior oil and gas prospects and properties that provide significant return potential with quantified downside risk for our participating Partners.

It is important to understand that Gulf Coast Western does not offer or sell securities. We offer qualified persons the opportunity to participate in Joint Venture Partnerships focused on the acquisition, exploration and development of oil and gas properties for the purpose of generating income and tax benefits for our Partners, which retain 100% control over their Joint Ventures.

Our strategic partnerships with well-established industry partners allow us to combine our resources, talent and experience to create unique investment opportunities. Since our founding in 1970, Gulf Coast Western has participated in a multitude of oil and gas exploration and development activities, and we can speak from experience that each and every prospect carries its own degree of geologic or mechanical risk. Because of this, we take a diversified approach to prospects in which we participate by offering both existing and potential Partners the opportunity to participate in a variety of projects. However, oil and gas investing comes with inherent risk. While new technology has greatly improved the ability to evaluate and drill prospects, there is no guarantee that a well will produce commercial quantities of hydrocarbons at a projected rate (or at all). We attribute our success over the years to the open and transparent relationships we have always maintained with our accredited Partners – relationships built on mutual trust and respect earned through operating with honesty and integrity.