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Robert Dunlap

META 1 Coin
Executive Trustee and Global Visionary
Robert completed his Masters in Computer Science with a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence. Since a very young age, Robert has been fascinated and adept when it comes to cyber technologies. Robert started his first technology company during the Dot Com era in the mid-90s.
When the Dot Com business crashed, he purchased his competitors and established one of the largest full-service technology companies in Texas. Robert's visionary abilities were proven early on through repeatedly eliciting an unprecedented favorable market response.
In 2001 Robert started investing in start-up companies using personal capital and technology resources. This new direction was astonishingly successful, and it was where Robert spent much of his time and effort. Over the last fifteen years, several companies were started or acquired with revenues into the hundreds of millions. Robert has structured multiple, several billion-dollar transactions and has worked in Zurich, Rome, Frankfort, London, New York, Dubai, and Johannesburg.
Robert has a robust financial background and has been trading currencies for the past ten years. He used his technical and financial expertise to develop algorithms that resulted in returns far outside of the norm.

Robert's life has primed him for the new world of blockchain technology. He has a clear vision of the new economies and abundance set forth for Humanity by way of META 1 Coin. Robert is a founding Trustee and architect of META 1 Coin and the METANOMICS platform.

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