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Welcome to "The Wild West" FreedomFest 2019 July 17 - 20 2019 Paris Resort Las Vegas. You are part of "the greatest libertarian show on earth." Enjoy three and half days full of learning, sharing, networking and growing the liberty movement, together!
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Friday, July 19

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Billy the Kid and Jesse James: American Robin Hoods or Wild West Psychopaths? (Intro James Green) ChablisMark Gardner • Captain Jim Green Constitution Day #1 A Constitution in Writing Champagne 1Robert Chatfield • Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg • David Bobb • Free To Choose Network Cures for Parkinson's, ALS, Alzheimer's and Heart Disease Are Closer than You Think! Versailles 2Dr. Jack Jacobs • Zhittya Genesis Medicine From the First Step to Next Steps on Justice Reform BurgundyJenna Moll • David Safavian • Senator Mike Lee • FreedomWorks Having the Opportunity to Invest in an IPO Before Going Public Vendome AMichael Sheppard • Treasure Investments Corporation DBA Foundry Michelangelo Immigration: Open Borders or Walls? Rivoli BallroomRich Lowry • Doug Casey • Rakesh Wadhwa • Wayne Allyn Root • Candace Owens Make Six Figures from Anywhere LoireCaleb Jones • Make Six Figures From Anywhere Stuck in the Old West: How Free Market Environmentalism Responds to New Demands Under Old West Rules Champagne 4Hannah Downey • Benji Backer • Holly Fretwell • P.J. Hill • Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) What's the Plan?! A Portfolio Approach to Planned Giving BordeauxLawson Bader • Jeff Zysik • Lydia Pitea Debate 4A: Should States Allow Non-Citizen Migrant Workers to Vote in Local and National Elections? Vendome C Debate 4B: Should the Politicization of Popular Culture Be Regretted? Vendome C Panic Attack: Dispatches from the Campus Free Speech Wars (Intro Avens O'Brien) Exhibit HallRobby Soave • Avens O'Brien INVALIDATED (50 min) Luke Livingston, dir. Versailles 3Invalidated (50 min) Luke Livingston, dir. Fri 11 am Art Exhibit (Quiet Mode) Vendome B

12:00pm PDT

The Investment Club of America: The Alternative to the Financial Services Industry Vendome AInvestment Club of America Can the Dollar Survive an All Out Trade War? LoirePeter Schiff • Euro Pacific Capital Constitution Day #2 A Constitution for All? Champagne 1Robert Chatfield • Randy Barnett • Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg • Free To Choose Network DEBATE Eating Meat Is Neither Healthy nor Ethical--Or Is It? (Booksigning to Follow) Versailles 2Alexander Green • John Mackey • Joel Salatin • Bruce Friedrich • Jeff Riley Diversification, Monthly Income Potential, & Tax Advantages Through Oil & Gas Joint Ventures BordeauxTim Taylor • Gulf Coast Western Forestry for Fine Foods - Profit Whilst Helping Our Environment ChablisGraeme Henderson • Truffle Farms Europe How to Generate 12-36% Returns Without Investing in Stocks or Real Estate BurgundyJeffrey Hayzlett • Jeff Barnes • Greg Writer • Bernt Ullmann • Kevin Harrington • Angel Investors Network Real Freedom Now METANOMICS Champagne 4Robert Dunlap • META 1 Coin Trump's Trade War: Art of the Deal, or No Deal? Rivoli BallroomRichard Rahn • Stephen Moore • Donald J. Boudreaux Debate 5A: Has the Internet Made Us Less Tolerant? Vendome C Debate 5B: Should Open Borders Be Supported? Vendome C PANEL: Out of Our Minds: Do Patents Foster Innovation or Kill It? Versailles 3Paul Wendee • George Gilder • Luke Livingston • Jenny Beth Martin WILD BILL: Wild Bill Hickok, The True Story of the American Frontier’s First Gunfighter (Intro by Alan Pell Crawford) Exhibit HallTom Clavin • Alan Pell Crawford

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Top 10 Stocks to Buy Now Vendome ARoger Michalski • Hilary Kramer • Jim Woods • Mark Skousen Constitution Day #3 Our Constitution At Risk Champagne 1Robert Chatfield • Clark Neily • Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg • Free To Choose Network Growing the Liberty Movement BordeauxKaleigh Cunningham • Luis Vega • Ali Ennernga • Portia Noble • Carlos Alfaro • Americans for Prosperity How I Earned 25% in Dividends and Doubled the Value of my Shares in Less Than 24 Months Investing in Private Equity ChablisCraig Hicks • SGR Energy Learn 3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Protect Your Capital Before the Market Reverses LoireDaniel Santiago • VantagePoint Progressive or Oppressive? Balancing the History of Manifest Destiny (Booksigning to Follow) Versailles 2Gary Alexander • John Prevas • Stephen R. C. Hicks • Tom Clavin The Dark Web and the Ninja Moves You Need Now to Protect Your Digital Self Champagne 4Jeff Kalibjian • Terry Easton UnCivil War: Can a Divided America Stand? Rivoli BallroomScott Walter • Candace Owens • John Fund • Grover Norquist Why Real Estate Became Even Better Than Gold with the New Trump Tax Changes BurgundyMichael Flight • Dana Samuelson • Lane Kawaoka • Concordia Realty Debate 7A: Should Rehabilitation Be Prioritized over Retribution in Criminal Sentencing? Vendome C Debate 7B: Do Intellectual Property Laws Harm Innovation? Vendome C Architects of Woke:Judith Butler's War on Science (6 min) Rob Montz, dir. PANEL The Rise of Radical Feminism and Genderism in Academia Versailles 3Jake Klein • Gloria Z. Greenfield • Avens O'Brien

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My Favorite Way to Beat the Market 3:1 Vendome ALouis Navellier 3:10 to Yuma: Hollywood and the Romantic Ideal of the Old West (Intro by Mark Skousen) Champagne 1Marc Eliot • Mark Skousen 7 Little Known Surprises about Deep State Corruption and Abusive Power, the Mueller Investigation, and the Road to Socialism ChablisCraig Huey • Creative Direct Marketing Group Inc. (CDMG) LATIN AMERICA PANEL: Triumph or Tragedy: Will Latin America Adopt the Venezuelan or Chilean Model? Versailles 2Guy Wyld • Olav Dirkmaat • Pedro De Cesaro • Martin Schwarz Long Term Vision for a Free Society BordeauxDerrick Sontag • Daniel Garza • Nate Anderson • Americans for Prosperity Markets and Food Technology Will Save the World (Intro John Mackey) BurgundyBruce Friedrich • John Mackey Senior Housing - The Best Opportunity in Business and Real Estate Investing for the Next 20 Years LoireKevin Haught • AL Family The Dirty Dozen of Federal Laws Rivoli BallroomJohn Stossel • Keli'i Akina • Sean Flynn • Anastasia Boden Unified Communications Revolution Leverages Network Marketing: The Ultimate Wealth Building Strategy Champagne 4Mike Sheffield • Voxox Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink Their Way Through an Unfree World (Intro by James Green) Exhibit HallCaptain Jim Green • Robert Lawson American Consequences 2020 (25 min) Fred Gundry, dir. PANEL Are Millennial Voters a Menace to Freedom or its Salvation? Versailles 3Fred Gundry • Grover Norquist • Robin Koerner • Avens O'Brien • Dr. Wolf von Laer

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